Founded 10 years ago, Framebreed quickly became the market leader in visual effects, creative development and animation in Romania. After 1 year of existence Framebreed won the Steampunk Challenge on CGSociety and 4 years later, we found ourselves within the list of Nominees for Visual Effects Society Awards 2014. Our work whether it`s feature film, visual effects or animation, follows the entire workflow from concept to final delivery. Besides our knowledge in cinematography production and post-production, we`re also responsible for visual campaigns, made from concept and script, to final delivery, and 4D ride shows. To achieve our goals, we rely on a fusion of talented and dedicated artists, projects managers and directors.

"Nominated for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Venue Project at VES Awards 2014, with SpongeBob 4D."

− Visual Effects Society

"Won Steampunk Animation Challenge 2009 with Steampork project"

− CgSociety