Showreel 2021

Visual Effects

With a strong CG background, our studio brings the latest VFX technologies at your disposal. We are able to offer a wide range of effects: stereoscopy, massive crowds, liquid simulations, chroma keying, explosions, destruction, build from scratch worlds through 3D modeling and matte painting, place your real characters in these worlds and let them interact with it.


FrameBreed gave life to tens of characters of different shapes and sizes.  It is in our studio’s tradition to explore new worlds and stylized designs. The experience gathered from working with a wide range of clients helps us develop a  consistent and coherent workflow throughout the production. This makes the process easier not only for us but for our clients also.

Creative Development

Besides our knowledge in cinematography production and post-production, we`re also responsible for visual campaigns, 4D ride shows, cinematics and immersive experiences, made from concept & script to final delivery. Our experience helps us to find new ways and styles to support the creative content and make it more than just a visual experience.

Recent work we`ve made for our clients!

Everything we encounter revolves around screens: big screens, small screens; cinema, TVs , computers, tablets, mobile phones – each and every single device has a square or a rectangle form that is constantly feeding us visual information. However, only a minuscule amount of this information manages to capture and maintain our attention.  We work on this premise, to engage the viewer not only to see our creations, but want to watch them.